Diverse Learning Environments

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(Ages 1-3 years)

It is exciting to watch toddlers discover new things and develop new skills. Realizing that we often have children more hours of the day than the parents, we work hard with your children to age-appropriately develop their social and manipulative skills. Offering a safe, loving environment that allows your child to discover the world is paramount.


In this room, toddlers will develop gross motor skills (walking, running, jumping, climbing), sensory skills (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling), fine motor skills (manipulating simple puzzles, drawing, feeding themselves), social skills (taking turns, sharing, playing with others), and language skills (first saying single words, then forming sentences).


Safety is also an important aspect as we strive to have age-appropriate toys and manipulatives for your child. We introduce the toddlers to hand washing, as it is an important habit to acquire as soon as reasonably possible. Parents will also need to supply at least one change of clothes.


We provide a detailed take-home sheet every day for your child. This sheet communicates things like: when and how well they ate their meals or took bottles, diaper changing and/or potty break times, nap times, what they learned, and how they are doing on supplies.

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(Ages 4-5 years)

Your preschooler is growing up fast, potty-trained (or close to it), and eager to learn new things. At this age, your child is more coordinated and is absorbing lots of information every day.  

In this room, your child’s day is carefully planned out with a variety of hands-on activities to encourage learning and socialization. Your child is taught to write their name and recognize letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. Preschool teachers introduce concepts like opposites, identifying emotions, and basic directional skills. At this age, we also put a large focus on teaching self-awareness and fostering independence by helping your child master their self-help skills.

We design our preschool classrooms with these developmental milestones in mind and equip each classroom with age-appropriate, educational toys to help continue inspiring your child’s curiosity and desire to learn and engage with their classmates and their environment. 


Just like in the Toddler room, we provide a detailed daily take-home sheet every day for your child. This sheet communicates things like: when and how well they ate their meals, diaper changing times and/or potty breaks, nap times, what they learned today, and how they are doing on supplies.